What seemed to be a very rare thing here in Deep East Texas, is now becoming a monthly issue. Once again the power went out right before midnight for about 30 minutes, last night (May 4th, 2021). Just like on April 14th.

I and many others lost power from 11:06pm to 11:36pm after reports of a big boom coming from the substation or distribution bus, across the road from Academy in Lufkin. That could have been the substation was not able to adjust to the load because of the power it was receiving.

Last nights power outage effected a wide area. Reports have come in from all over our listening area that they were without electricity. Power surges for some before the outages, and others, it just went out. That is all pretty normal stuff.

Just as I was going to write about the power outage last night, power went off again in parts of our area. I took a look at the Oncore website, and at the time of this writing, there are still over 6,000+ people without power again, for the second time in less than 24 hours. 

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I have not seen any official word from Encore. No matter who's name is on your electric bill, it's all Encore and DETEC in our area. Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative is still dealing with outages after the storms from Thursday night, April 29th.

I am assuming this is all related to that night. When you get more people's power restored, it could cause these types of issues. I appreciate all the linemen in our area doing their best to keep the power on for us every day.

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