iPhones have a lot of great features that can be very useful. We are always learning cool new hacks and there is one that I learned this week that every Harry Potter fan will want to immediately try out.

It's amazing the number of cool hacks that are available on our phones. These "smartphones" have way more features than we know about. It seems like iPhones keep coming up with hidden tricks that never cease to amaze me. I recently learned that you can block unknown callers on your phone, you can unlock your iPhone with your voiceyour phone can alert you when your phone detects certain sounds, and the Apple logo on the back of your phone is a secret button. There are still so many other iPhone hacks that we have yet to discover. One hack that I found out about yesterday involves Harry Potter of all things.

Harry Potter iPhone Hack

Yesterday, I found a post that had gone viral on Instagram. This post said, "ATTENTION HARRY POTTER FANS: Was today years old when I realized that if I say 'Lumos' to my phone, the flashlight turns on."

So of course, I had to try it out...

Does It Work?

I felt silly when I tried it at first because I was yelling "Lumos" into my phone and nothing happened. Then I realized that in order for this to work, you either say, "Hey Siri, Lumos," or hold the right side button and say, "Hey Siri, Lumos!" So when I tried it that way, just like magic, the flashlight on my phone turned on.

What Does This Have To Do With Harry Potter?

Fans of Harry Potter already understand the connection and if you don't, you're not a real fan (kidding). The word "Lumos" in Harry Potter, is a Wand-Lighting Charm used to illuminate the tip of the wizard's wand so that whoever casts the spell can see in the dark. You know, kind of like a flashlight.

Here's the really cool thing...

If you want to turn off the flashlight of your phone Harry Potter-Style, you can use the Wand-Extinguishing Charm, "Nox" which was used to extinguish the light from the caster's wand. So to turn off the light, simply say "Hey Siri, Nox" and you'll be feeling like a wizard just like Harry.

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