Saturday night at 11:30, Lufkin Police officers were called to a Shell station at 3008 Atkinson Drive following a report of a group of men wearing masks and gloves in the parking lot – one of them waving around and racking a shotgun. The caller believed the men were going to rob the store. He also said he heard the men talking about “Crips,” and saw them throwing gang signs.

The group left the store in a black car before officers arrived.

A short time later, officers made a stop on the suspect vehicle at the end of Broaddus Street and identified the men as John Richard, 26, Akeem Hurts, 17, and Jyterion Sessions, 17, all of Lufkin.

Officers searched the area and found a loaded shotgun hidden on top of the roof of a mobile home porch. They also located a handgun under a blue jacket on a patio table.

In addition to the weapons, officers recovered blue latex gloves, blue jackets, a blue face mask on the ground, a blue bandana in the back pocket of one of the suspects and other face masks. All of the men were wearing some type of blue clothing at the time of their arrests.

The men claimed the masks and gloves were for Coronavirus protections.

The men are all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity – conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery

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