Dozens of Lufkin High School seniors have been awarded a total of $3.6 million in college scholarships.  2011 has been the biggest year for scholarships ever in Lufkin.

Lufkin High School Principal Mark Smith says this is the first year that every member of the LHS senior class has been accepted at a college or university, or the military, where they will continue their education.  Smith says that's why he's not surprised to see so many seniors getting scholarships.

It's the result of a federally supported program that began when these seniors were in seventh grade and followed them all the way through middle school and high school.

The program keeps students  focused on graduating and going to college, and it teaches them how to apply for scholarships.

Some students did so well they got more than one scholarship.  Vicky Camarillo — got seven scholarships, including one from the University of New Mexico for being named a Hispanic National Merit finalist.

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As beneficial as this program has been, it's facing an uncertain future because of federal budget constraints.  No one knows if it will continue with a new crop of seventh graders this fall.  It depends on what Congress cuts out of the federal budget.