It's heating up outside, and things left in our cars are susceptible to the sun and extreme temperatures. Here in Texas it's already in the upper 80's. Inside your car, things get up to over 100 degrees quickly. Then add to that the power of magnification.

Your water bottle is basically a big magnifying glass. If you leave it in there too long, it could set something else in your car on fire. Just like when we were kids focusing that beam on a piece of paper, it could ignite. Though that is very unlikely, there are many cars and many bottles of water, so it does happen.

Drink water stored in plastic bottles isn't the best for you either. I like to keep water in the car at all times, because you never know when there will be an emergency. The car could need water.

Your windshield sprayer could be empty, and they are all over, obstructing your view. Or the real reason is if you get thirsty on the way to the house from work. After that water bottle has been in your car for weeks, in high temperatures it starts to break down, and contaminate the water inside. 

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Also a reminder that hand sanitizer has the same effect in a vehicle, and isn't a great idea to leave out on the dash. It too can become contaminated and change viscosities, causing it to just not be the best thing to put on your hands. Plus just like water under the right conditions it could set your seat on fire.

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