Angelina College on Wednesday held a ceremony inside the Temple Theater Foyer to bid a fond farewell to 12 long-time employees retiring with a combined 248 years of experience.

Gary Stallard/AC Press photo
Gary Stallard/AC Press photo

According to a press release from the college, Dr. Cynthia Casparis, AC Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Tim Ditoro, Vice President of Workforce and Continuing Education, read aloud personal descriptions and accolades of each individual to the retirees and a group of well-wishers.

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“We thank you for your numerous contributions to Angelina College, and we wish you the best in whatever comes next for you,” Casparis said. “We hope you’ll continue to be a part of AC in some way.”

The list of retirees, positions and lengths of service is as follows:

  • Saundra May, Data Processing Instructor, 42 years
  • Judy Wright, Senior Director of Distance Education, 22 years
  • Jan Anderson-Paxson, Communications and Photography Instructor, 26 years
  • Becky Innerarity, Economics Instructor, 22 years
  • Patricia Wars, Human Services Instructor, 17 years
  • Teresa Blangger, Administrative Assistant-Testing Center, 17 years
  • Elisabeth Stapleton, Communications Instructor and Coordinator of Student Publications, 18 years
  • Jin Ulmer, Accounting Instructor, 22 years
  • Susan Rangel, Administrative Assistant-Community Services, 22 years
  • Liz Scott, Math Program Coordinator and Instructor, 7 years
  • Larry Greer, Instructor of Band and Music, 33 years
  • Paul Draper, Instructor of Mathematics, 17 years

Pictured above from left to right are Paul Draper, Jin Ulmer, Saundra May, Becky Innerarity, Susan Rangel, Elisabeth Stapleton, Jan Anderson-Paxson, Judy Wright, Teresa Blangger and Larry Greer. Not included in the picture are Patricia Wars and Liz Scott.


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