Theft is a crime that I will never understand, but it comes with some serious consequences as one Houston, Texas woman recently found out. Daneshia Shane Walton plead guilty to charges on January 18th, 2022 for a crime she committed back in 2013 and she is now going to spend 24 months in federal prison for her actions. 

It was June 5th, 2013 when Walton used a victim’s name, address, and social security number to open a Mastercard account with the department store Marshall’s in Houston, Texas. She did this without permission and then used the new credit card to make two gift card purchases, both in the amount of $600. After the crime hits over $1,000 the punishment gets more severe which is why she is facing two years in prison.  

She Will Be Supervised After Her Release from Prison 

After the 24 months are served Walton will still be under supervised release for another 12 months to make sure she stays out of trouble. After the sentence was handed down Walton was allowed to remain on bond and will surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons on a date that was allowed by the court system.  

This Punishment Is Severe but It Fits the Crime 

Twenty-four months in federal prison is a long time, but according to ABC 13, the court said that Walton is still a young woman and the judge hoped that her statement prior to sentencing that she is no longer the same person who committed the crime was true.  

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