Reports out of Houston, Texas confirm a natural gas pipeline exploded into massive flames.

The Lone Star State is home to 43% of America's crude production and according to government data, there are over 17,000 pipelines across Texas. Despite the industry's best safety practice efforts, sometimes things just go wrong. And that is what happened today.

Fort Bend County officials said the incident occurred outside of Houston, about 40 miles out in a rural area according to a report shared by More specifically the explosion happened just west of a small city called Orchard.

The featured photo of erupting flames and smoke from the explosion of the pipeline is a screenshot that was pulled from an alarming video shared by Independent TV and shared earlier today.

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Thankfully, no one was hurt by the natural gas pipeline explosion near Houston, Texas--and other structures were not damaged, according to reports.

According to Fort Bend Precinct One Constable Chad Norvell, "no injuries or structural damages were reported, and [...] it [will] take some time to close the line and burn off," reports

An update from the constable's office confirmed later this afternoon that the fire has now gone out. In the next few days at least, it is recommended that people avoid the area completely. A hazmat team has also been sent to the scene of the explosion.

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