There are some parents in El Paso who once sat through Thomas the Train marathons with their kids. I know this simply because, well, I did it myself with my mug during his train phase.

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So if you have a kid or just want to feel like a kid again and love trains, get your travel bags ready. There is a perfect getaway that can satisfy the parent and children at any age.

This time you won't need to push your child around the carpet as they sit in a hamper for laundry playing pretend. That was how my son and I would play pretend to give the effect he was riding on a train during the show.

Now you're probably wondering what other fantastic spot I am quick to recommend this time around. Well, if you enjoy train rides and visiting aquariums, get your budget and bags ready.

If you have a trip coming up that involves visiting Houston, make sure this spot is on your places to visit list. Just imagine being able to say you got to check out sharks swimming above you on a train ride.

Not a lot of people can say they have done such a thing at least not in El Paso. But, in Houston, Texas you can tour an aquarium underground while cruising on a train.

Not sure about you but this sounds like a story your friends, and -workers would love to hear about. Hell, I sure as hell would love to hear someone's adventure about visiting Downtown Aquarium.

If you enjoy spoilers such as myself, then just check out In the Loop's YouTube video of the tour above. If you're worried a possible Jaws 3-D could happen, not possible since the acrylic is over 5 inches thick.

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