I can't find anything official about this, but it seems all the signs are there. The rumor mill has officially been started up about Lufkin's HEB store on Timberland Dr. This one has some creditably, and could be easily figured out, but I am going on pure conjecture. Only because this rumor is so plausible. HEB employees around 190 people in Lufkin, and that number could go up.

Seems like the Little Caesar's Pizza is the real reason that I believe this. They moved their location from the HEB shopping center, to just behind it, very quickly. The rumor is that HEB bought the entire center. They are going to keep the store open, as they expand into most of the shopping center.

There was even talks of an HEB gas station on the grounds. This might all be false, but I am sure it was released somehow, I just can't find it. Have you heard these rumors on facebook? What do you think. You can always let us know in the comments here on the KFox App. Download it to see more stories like this one, and you can even enter to win with the KFOX Cash Code. If you won the $5,000 that would buy a ton of groceries.

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