We've done posts about Brendyn's BBQ before. It's the BBQ trailer that can be seen in Downtown Nacogdoches. It's been featured in several different places, including Texas Monthly, because of the food that's made there.

Last weekend, Brendyn's BBQ did something different that they'd never tried before. They smoked an entire pig. See the results for yourself:

This is was something that I'd never seen done in person. I've seen people roast the entire pig on TV before, and of course I've smoked pork before. But never the entire animal.

The reason for this? It was "Wine and Swine" on Saturday, May 18th at the Red House Winery in Downtown Nac. Now, while it is true that that's where Brendyn is most often set up, this event was something completely out of the ordinary.

But, apparently it turned out well. I'm just sad that I couldn't make it out to the event myself. Oh well, better luck next year, I suppose.

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