Pablo's BBQ & Mexican Food is another great option for when you're looking for a place to eat.

I've eaten at many Mexican food restaurants, which isn't hard to do in Texas, but Pablo's is different. If you are looking to break away from the norm, this is an interesting place to try out.

It's not like they blended the foods and made Tex-Mex like other restaurants. They've simply got Mexican food, and Texas BBQ ... completely separate. Does that make sense?

On our trip, we tried the Mexican Food, knowing they have so much more to offer.  Someone in the establishment got a smoked burger, and the plate was piled with fries. It looked really great, but I was too much of a chicken to ask if I could get a picture of their food.

You can't miss the place on Hwy 69, just look for the sign with the giant smoking gun on the top of it, that actually works as a smoker. They serve BBQ there, according to signs out front starting at 6 pm, but apparently you can get a smoked burger anytime. They even do breakfast starting at 6 am.

I ordered the Chicken fajitas, and the chicken seemed like it had been smoked as well. When you touched it with the knife, it would fall apart. The corn tortillas I requested were good too. Putting it all together, you could make your own taco stand taco. It was a lot of food. Plus with 2 people we got off cheaper than a trip to a fast food place.

I was not really in love with the salsa, but I had 2 bowls of it, so looking back it wasn't that bad. I like the fact that it wasn't greasy, and I don't feel like I ate something that was bad for me for lunch. So if you are in the area, give it a shot.  Next time we go by there we are going to have to try the BBQ.



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