When we head out on an awesome summer vacation, the last thing we want to worry about is getting in a nasty wreck. Texas has some crazy traffic, and there's one road in particular where drivers experience the most crashes.  Here's the big heads up.

And while we're at it, we'll give you the most dangerous roads in Louisiana and Arkansas too, in case you're headed that way.  

WideOpenCountry.com says US-83 has the second highest overall fatal crash rate in the US.  It's also known as the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, and it's had an average of 26 fatal crashes a year over the past decade.  That's two accidents per month when someone died, and it's not counting the daily accidents with injuries.

Ever traveled it?  US-83 runs from the southern tip of Texas, all the way up to the panhandle.   Maybe the sheer length of this road has something to do with the number of crashes on it.  Texas is a huge state, and this long road has plenty of opportunity for mishaps.

In Louisiana, US-90, which runs through the southern part of the state, is the most dangerous.  Each year on average, there are 27 fatal crashes on that stretch.  In fact, actress Jayne Mansfield died on that road in an accident in 1967.

The most dangerous road in Arkansas is US-65, with about 14 fatal wrecks every year.  US-Route 69 in Oklahoma has 13 fatal accidents each year, and it's the state's most dangerous.

We don't bring this up to freak us all out heading into a big 4th of July travel weekend.  But if you're planning a restful vacation and want to cut out a little extra worry, you might decide to avoid these roads.

Or at least "watch out for the other guy," as my grandpa would say.

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