It's not hard to see who this guy supports.

A man from Odessa, Texas named Ernesto Acosta has legally changed his name to Ernesto Trump.

Now, this is the kind of loyalty our commander-in-chief probably likes.

But here's the kicker: Ernesto did not vote for Trump in last November's election, reports the Smoking Gun, because he's not registered.

Ernesto, 34, said he'd been mulling the new moniker ever since Trump announced he was running for president and admits it's a little bit odd since he's Hispanic and Trump has taken heat for his stance on building a wall by the Mexican border.

In his petition, Ernesto claims "I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes." And what, pray tell, are those "professional purposes?" While his day job is working as a supervisor for a retail company, he also makes comedy videos for his YouTube channel, so we're assuming this is all about publicity, which is certainly in line with being a Trump.

It is kind of ironic, considering he's a Trump who's somehow not in real estate. That must make him the black sheep of the family -- the biggest, most amazing, fantastic black sheep, that is.

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