Halloween ain't cheap.  Add up the costumes, the candy, and the decorations, and most of us are spending about $80 on the holiday.  And then add the alcohol at the adult costume party and, well, that could double.  

The National Retail Federation says officially, we'll each spend $82.93 on Halloween, which is up from about $74 last year.  There are 171 million Americans participating in Halloween in some form, whether it's taking the kids trick-or-treating, hanging cob webs in the front lawn, or getting dragged to the office costume party.  Oh, and don't forget the dog.  We love dressing up the dog.  Good times.

How did you pick your costume?  Most people go straight to social media for the ideas, with fastest-growing influencer being Pinterest.  Facebook and friends/family are big influencers too.  (And that guy at work always has awesome costume ideas, and spends more time researching Batman and Pokemon outfits than he does looking up work-related things.)  Social media-related costumes are expected to be popular too this weekend, like snap chat filters and hashtags.

If you love candy and you're looking for a deal, wait until Tuesday to buy it.   Otherwise, let the over-spending season begin.

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