Halloween Costs East Texans About $80 Each
Halloween ain't cheap.  Add up the costumes, the candy, and the decorations, and most of us are spending about $80 on the holiday.  And then add the alcohol at the adult costume party and, well, that could double.
How Much Will You Spend Before Telling Your Spouse?
We're talking about this on the show today.
Let's say you're at Lufkin Mall and you spot something expensive that you just have to have.
Do you need approval from your better half?  Or, after you buy it, do you reveal how much you spent?
It might depend on how much that thing costs, and men and women h…
Prom Spending At an All-Time High
So dads, how much money did you fork over to send your daughter to the prom?  Pictures were posted in the Lufkin Daily News last weekend, and it looks like fun was had by all.  But did it break the bank?
Prom spending is going up every year, and one newspaper today says the average fam…
Christmas Spending is at an All-Time High
The amount we fork over for Christmas gifts has gone up every year since 2008.
The iPads, flat screen TVs, and video game must-haves ain’t cheap! When you add up the hot electronics, the ugly sweaters, and the popcorn tin gift sets, we’re spending just shy of a thousan…