Presidential speculation surrounds Texas Governor Rick Perry as he discussed his states economy while in New York.

Rick Perry

While attending the Lincoln Dinner in New York, Governor Perry may have gained a few supporters for his presidential bid. His speech touched on several of his Texas campaign themes, including; state job records, economic climate and abortion rights.

Perry said "Washington isn't supposed to be the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-spending Oz, pulling the levers behind the curtain while limiting the freedom of our citizens. Instead, the states are supposed to lead the way."

The Texas Governor is making several political stops on his way back from New York. He is attending a private Republican Governor's Association meeting Wednesday in North Carolina, a Republican Leadership Conference Saturday in New Orleans, and is scheduled for another RGA meeting in St. Louis next week.

All of these stops have people wondering if Perry will put in his bid for a presidential candidate for 2012. But one can only speculate; because while in New York, Perry was quoted saying "We have some time. I'm not sure you have to make a decision in a month."