A new statewide poll indicates we may be witnessing the decline and possible fall of the Lone Star State's longest serving governor.  The poll shows Rick Perry's approval ratings in Texas have fallen to an all time low, lower than the highly unpopular President Barack Obama.

If polls mean anything, the fallout from Perry's ill fated Presidential campaign could end his political career.



In the wake of his stumbling presidential run, Gov. Rick Perry’s job approval level in Texas has sunk to its lowest level ever, even  below President Barack Obama’s.  Worse, more than half of those surveyed don't think Perry should run for re-election.

“Rick Perry didn’t just not do well in his presidential campaign, he didn’t do himself any favors at home,” says Micheline Blum, director of the poll conducted this week by Blum & Weprin Associates Inc.

Among Texas adults, 40 percent approved of Perry's job performance, and an equal percentage disapproved.  Obama had both a higher job-approval level at 43 percent and higher disapproval at 47 percent in this red state.

Among the registered voters surveyed, 56 percent said Perry shouldn’t run for re-election in 2014.  41 percent say they have a less favorable view of Perry due to his presidential run.

It gets worse.  Perry's growing unpopularity at home is bad enough for him, but on the national stage he made all of us look bad. The poll shows nearly half the state's registered voters -- a combined 48 percent -- think Perry’s inept presidential run tarnished Texas’ image either a little bit (25 percent) or a lot (23 percent).

One Republican voter says Perry came across as just one more "clueless doofus" from Texas.  Another says the only thing Perry accomplished was to give the late night TV shows truckloads of material to ridicule the entire state, the way they did with George W. Bush.

The general consensus is that Perry made a big splash when he jumped into the race, and he looked good for a time, until he started talking.

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