Looks like McDonalds has finally bowed to pressure, and public outcry for Szechuan sauce. We spotted people right here in East Texas with the sauce. So full saturation has occurred. Once you start seeing something in Lufkin or Nacogdoches, you know it’s everywhere.

Kristen Hall

This got us to thinking, what sauces do you keep in your sauce stash? You know the ones that you ask for extra for, and keep in your fridge till that one day you forget to ask, and there they are ready for you? I took a look around the station and there were quite a lot of my favorite sauces, just hanging about.

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    Whataburger Spicy Ketchup

    When you want ketchup but it has to be spicy, this is the go to sauce in Texas. They even sell it in bulk at HEB, so you know it’s got to be the real deal. I have friends that ask me to pick some up and mail it to them.


  • Dan Patrick

    Sriracha & Soy Sauce

    I know this is two, but I just think they are meant to go together. We love Sriracha so much, that we had to order these online. I don’t know where the soy sauce is from, but I am guessing Chen’s.

  • Dan Patrick

    Taco Casa Hot Sauce

    I don’t even know what is up with this stuff. I am pretty sure since Taco Casa is close to the station, I have eaten a gallon of this stuff. It’s really not even hot. I don’t think they have mild. This is the way of Taco Casa, don’t try to understand it, just eat it.

  • Dan Patrick

    Sonic Thick & Rich Syrup

    There are so many sauces on this list, but this is the only one with so many descriptive words. It’s only a matter of time till you go get some fresh toast sticks at Sonic again, and you will need this tub..

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    Popeyes Bayou Buffalo Sauce

    I’ve loved eating at Popeyes since they opened here in Lufkin. But I am pretty sure they put this in our bags, without us asking just to get rid of it. It is neither bayou nor buffalo. Too thin, doesn’t have a buttery taste, the complaints go on and on. But it’s subjective, some people can’t get enough.