It doesn't matter what town you live in, it could always use improvements and new additions, right? Even the most popular cities could use certain add-ons every now and then. It's just how things work.

So, I sat down the other day and started considering what kind of improvements that Nacogdoches could use. With it being a college town, it should be adding new stores and hangouts fairly often, simply to keep up with trends.

Check out the list of what Nacogdoches is lacking that I came up with.

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    An Updated Mall

    This is one that has brought some issues up for us in the past. If you don't remember, please refer to this post here from Valentine's Day 2017...I'm not saying tear down the mall, let's just look into bringing in new stores, possibly some national brands.

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    Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    An Apple Store

    This one - at least in my mind - makes a lot of sense, especially in a college town. The closest Apple Store to us is in the Woodlands! That's 129 miles, and over two hours away! Bring the "Geniuses" to Nacogdoches!

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    If you've seen posts of mine before, you know that this is something that I've been advocating for a while now. Yes, I realize that people are saying that it's coming. However, I haven't personally seen any plans or ground being broken for it within the Nac city limits so far. We are still lacking in the H-E-B department...

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    An Arcade

    This is one that has been missing in a vast area since "Tilt" shut down in the Lufkin Mall. I'm not saying that Chuck E. Cheese is needed, but I wouldn't be opposed to Dave & Busters...

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    A Bookstore

    Call me old-fashioned, but this is something that would be appreciated. Yes, there are the college bookstores in town. Heck, there's even a B&N in the student center at SFA. However, there is no (full-size) Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, etc. anywhere closer than Tyler...

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