As Star Wars Rebels comes to a close, Disney may have tipped its hand to the next generation of Star Wars TV. Suspicious trademarks for the name Star Wars Resistance already have fans abuzz with possibilities for the new series coming to Disney streaming.

Star Wars fansite Yakface (we know, but stay with us) observed that Lucasfilm has filed extensive merchandising trademarks around the name “Star Wars Resistance,” including toys, electronic games, party favors, Christmas ornaments, clothing, books, mobile applications and much more. It wouldn’t be the first time that Star Wars reserved names for smaller-scale storytelling events, though insiders have noted that the variety of merchandise registered is on par with Star Wars movies and TV shows.

So, what does Star Wars Resistance mean? The natural inclination is to connect its name to the Resistance of current Star Wars films, just as Star Wars Rebels hearkened back to the Rebellion’s early years. Even if that were the case, it’s unclear if the program might represent the live-action project Disney has planned for its streaming service in 2019, or another animated series reportedly in the works. Also uncertain is if any upcoming TV project will involve Rebels supervising producer Dave Filoni, who was said to be developing new animated projects.

We may not learn anything for sure until 2019, but where else might the Star Wars Resistance rabbit hole take us?

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