Bring the little ones out to the FITT LIFE obstacle course for a special Star Wars Day event! I have never been to an organized Nerf Gun Agility Test, so this might be a first.

The 501st Stormtrooper Legion will be there to take pictures with everyone. It might be cool to update that profile pic making it look like you've been captured by the Empire.

You too can dress up as your favorite Star Wars Character, and be a part of the costume contest they'll hold at the event.

You will get to run the Fitt Life course, and get in on the Nerf Gun agility challenge. Putting your dexterity to the test, and knowing how strong the force is with your kids.

I have modded Nerf guns that I think are up to the task, how about you? They are not restricting the type of Nerf Darts you use either. I think the NERF balls are more accurate, so that's what I'd bring. If you agree, bring out that Rival! Check out this preview of the agility courses and more CLICK HERE.

Fitt LIfe Via Facebook
Fitt LIfe Via Facebook

Celebrate May the 4th, and secretly get fit. You don't have to tell your body that you are working out. You won't notice since you will be having a good time, and celebrating May the 4th with your friends.

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