After weeks of dry weather, the City of Lufkin has placed a burn ban into effect for the next 60 days according to a press release from the City Of Lufkin. This burn ban prohibits all outdoor burning of the following items.

  • Brush
  • Trees
  • Storm Debris
  • Open Campfires

You will notice that fireworks aren't mentioned in that list. That is because of a city ordinance that already covers any and all fireworks.

The use of private fireworks is not only illegal in the Lufkin city limits, but it also carries a heavy fine of up to $500 if cited. You might have gotten away with it in the past, but with this burn ban in effect, enforcement could be enhanced.

“Remember that you are responsible for your own actions,” Lufkin Fire Chief Jesse Moody said. “If you set a fire that causes damage to your neighbor’s property you may be held responsible for the damages.”

Lufkin Fire Chief Moody would like to encourage everyone to come out to the City Of Lufkin/Mike Love and Associates Fireworks Extravaganza at Ellen Trout Park where additional safety precautions will ensure a safe, happy 4th Of July.

“To provide this display will take a lot of preparation – there will be extra firefighters on duty at the zoo with all the necessary apparatus to extinguish the fires that invariably arise,” he said. “Please go out and enjoy this display and do not try to do your own display. The danger of causing a large wildfire is too high. Have fun but be safe.”

The fireworks show starts a little after dark, but there are many vendors and lots of entertainment going on at the park earlier in the day to celebrate. I helped Mike Love learn to fold a T-Shirt in such a manner as to launch it out of a t-shirt cannon via facetime today. So there is a chance of you getting a free shirt if you go out.

More details about everything going on at Ellen Trout Zoo and the fireworks are coming soon, so download the app and turn your app alerts on.

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