Back in late September, I wrote an article lamenting the fact that it looked like East Texas would not experience Fall-like temperatures again until mid-October.  We had a nice taste of Autumn three weeks into September, but the hot temperatures quickly returned and it did not seem like they would be going anywhere anytime soon.

Score one for the meteorologists.  We've had above average temperatures since late September and we will continue to do so until Friday (October 15), but, then...

Here Comes Fall...and This Time Why Don't You Stay Awhile

By late Friday, a cold front is expected to push through the Pineywoods.  A few scattered showers and thunderstorms could pop off Thursday and Friday ahead of it, but by early Saturday, Autumn-like temperatures will return to our area.  The highs on Saturday and Sunday will be in the 70s and the lows by Saturday night should dip down into the upper 40s across much of East Texas.

Here's some more good news...the nice temperatures are going to stay for awhile.  Most weather models are showing that high temperatures won't get much higher than 80 for at least a week following the arrival of the cold front, and we'll see a healthy dose of low temperatures in the 50s.

This cold front will actually interact with abundant moisture from what will be the remnants of Hurricane Pamela which is making landfall on the Pacific side of Mexico.  Flooding is expected over the next 24-48 hours in the Texas Hill Country, but forecasters are expecting less than a half inch of rain to fall throughout the Pineywoods.

So, does this mean that beginning this weekend we're done talking highs in the 90s and using the term heat index for the remainder of the year? With apologies to Forrest Gump, weather in East Texas is like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.


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