As part of our series of fun things to do in our area that are a tank of gas or less away, I would like to add the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Their exhibit "Death By Natural Causes" could be just the day trip that sparks your interest. All things poisonous, venomous, and toxic are on display. The dangers in our everyday lives, some of which we never think of.

Some of us are scared by snakes, spiders, and sharks. All the obvious things in the animal kingdom that could do us harm. But this exhibit goes further into chemicals, minerals, and food that has caused loss of life and limb.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is not just a stand alone one stop and done place. Right next to it is the Children's Museum, Houston Zoo, Moody Center for the Arts, and the Health Museum.

If you are in the Health Care Industry, the Health Museum would be very interesting. It's an interactive science center and is made possible by Texas Medical Center. They even have an exhibit that will show you what you will look like in 30 years. Talk about scary.

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