With summer right around the corner, you must be thinking about how to spend those hot summer days. What's your preference?

Personally, I prefer being on the water at the lake. I'm a huge fan of skiing and tubing. It doesn't really matter what lake I'm on, whether it's Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend, I'm quite content spending my day at the lake (as long as I remember to apply sunscreen).

Some people prefer spending their hot days indoors. Maybe watching Netflix, or just catching up on sleep with those long afternoon naps. Perhaps doing some indoor housework like cleaning or rearranging furniture - don't laugh, I know some people that really do this, and PLAN to do this on their days off.

For others, they like to hit up the local pool or splash pad. Maybe you don't want to drive out to the lake, so you look to spend time splashing in the water inside the city limits. Nothing wrong with spending the day at the pool.

You know this water is calling to you, right?

Blue water surface
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Maybe you don't fit into ANY of the categories listed above. Maybe you have your own way of spending a hot summer day.

Let us know what your preferred way of spending a hot summer day is.

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