It seems like every year - pre-COVID - people go crazy about Black Friday shopping. They camp out in front of their favorite stores, and then sprint through the doors as they open. Some people are even taking advantage of the Black Friday deals that pop up on Thanksgiving Day.

So that's my question: How many of y'all are those shoppers? Pretend that COVID wasn't a thing. If this were a "normal year" would you be one of those people that is out there at two or three o'clock in the morning waiting on that store associate to unlock the door?

Or, are you one of those people that will just wait for the rush to be over, even if it meant paying full-price for your items?

Or, are you the third kind of person, and will take advantage of the Black Friday deals, ONLINE?

Now, me, I'm one of those people that will just wait on the rush to die down. I'll let the people go get their half-priced (or less) items on Black Friday, wait on them to restock the shelves, then go get what I need. I would rather pay the full-price for something, than to run the risk of getting trampled in the store. I think that my life - and my sanity - are worth more than those Black Friday discouts.

But hey, that's just my opinion...

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