If you've been around Nacogdoches, then you know that at this moment there are two fairly prominent road construction projects taking place. The larger of the two, of course, is the interstate flyover project that's south of town. The other one is the complete re-doing of Austin Street, that's right in the middle of town.

Now, of the two, Austin Street should be done LONG before the flyover. And, now that the asphalt work has started, it looks more like it will finish. However, the work on the flyover project has started at a zooming pace, with land-clearing, concrete work, and more taking place at a really quick pace.

Even though it shouldn't be a close race to the finish, Nac-natives haven't given them much slack on social media about it. We've seen multiple people ask about the progress on it, or mention that they haven't seen much progress take place, or things of that nature.

Obviously, I'm thinking that Austin Street will be done first. It's a smaller project and - at least from my perspective - it seems to be nearing the completion of it. But, there are lots of people making different speculations about it.

What about you? What are your thoughts on all of this? Will the flyover work fly past the Austin Street work? Let us know your thoughts below!

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