When you're young, people always ask, "What job do you want to have when you grow up?" Actually, people tend to ask you a similar question to that your ENTIRE life. "Well, what would be your dream job?"

Now, I will say this: I'm a fan of my job. It's pretty great. However, I've seen a lot of jobs that I WOULD NOT like to have. Enjoy.

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    You knew this one was coming. I have no desire to be at the front of ANY political race.

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    I love teachers. I come from a family full of teachers. However, this is not a job that's on my list of ideal choices for me.

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    Fitness Coach

    C'mon...do I look like I'd do well with this job? I think not.

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    ANYTHING In Food Service

    I'll eat the food. I'll even watch you prepare food. But, I will not work in food service. No sir, not gonna do it.

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    Any Job Having To Deal With Heights

    Heights and spiders. I'm not a fan.