Last week, as I was watching the SFA Lumberjacks wrap up their 35-32 overtime win against Abilene Christian University, I did a double-take as I saw head coach Colby Carthel come across the screen. Now, it's not uncommon to see a coach get excited, or even OVERLY-excited with a win, especially with a win that close in overtime. However, this was different.

As I watched the coach celebrate, it wasn't that hard to notice that he had no shirt on. Yes, he was shirtless on the field, yelling and jumping in all his excitement. Before you say, "Well, it was probably because the players drenched him with a water cooler," you need to realize this: He was shirtless BEFORE getting soaked.

Naturally, the footage of him went viral, first on social media, then eventually making it's way onto ESPN. But, for the most part, it seems that people loved it. He was overjoyed and excited - obviously - and it showed.

So, naturally, the question becomes: Will Coach Carthel go shirtless after this game, should the Lumberjacks win? They have a game coming up tomorrow - yes, a Halloween game - against Western Colorado. They'll be playing in Nacogdoches, so I'd say that there's a pretty good chance that it'll happen. But now, it's up to you. Take our poll real quick:

Again, this game is at home, so I'd say there's definitely a chance of this happening. We'll know tomorrow, for sure. SFA kicks off against Western Colorado at 2:00 PM at Homer Bryce Stadium.


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