Wanna pump yourself up? Get your game face on.

In the course of your life, you've probably heard the phrase "get your game face on." You've certainly heard if if you played sports. The idea is to get yourself focused, quit with the joking around, and go for gold.

There's actually scientific proof that it works, even outside of sports.

A recent study conducted by the University of Tennessee has found that making a "game face" actually boosts your performance. As defined in the study, a game face is a "serious, focused, or determined facial expression." Subjects who had this expression on their face were able to perform tasks better than those who didn't have their game face on. These tasks challenged subjects both mentally and physically.

The study also determined that those who were told to put their game face on were better able to recover from stress.

This is valuable not just in sports, but also in work. Think of that big presentation you have coming up. Or how about just life in general? It's not always gumdrops and roses.

So put your game face on and let's do this thing!

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