After months of uncertainty, the Texas party primaries will finally be held next Tuesday May 29th, which means the time is running down for early voting, which ends this Friday.  The Texas Secretary of State -- the state's top elections official -- is going around the state spreading the word about the primaries and clearing up some misconceptions.


Secretary of State Hope Andrade says people who're planning to vote on election day should review their voter registration cards to make sure they're voting in the right precinct.

People who vote early don't have to worry about that because they can vote at any designated early voting location.

Andrade also says there's still some confusion over the Voter ID law. She says enforcement of that controversial state law has been suspended, so that means nothing has changed at the polls.

"There is no, I repeat no photo ID required at this time. Remember current law applies, so you continue to vote in the same manner that you have voted in the past."

Even so, Andrade says whether you vote early or on election day, you still need to identify yourself. You can do that with a voter registration card, or any one of several other documents.

There's more information, and a list of all the things that can be used to identify yourself at the polls on the Secretary of State's website:

via Secretary of State Hope Andrade Reminds Texas Voters One Week Left to Vote Early in May 2012 Primary Elections.