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NAACP Requires Photo ID to Cover Holder
Here's a national news story that is just dripping with irony, but you won't find it in any mainstream news source.
You have to go to an alternative source outside the mainstream to learn that the NAACP and the Justice Department required local and national news reporters to show two kinds of photo I…
Early Voting for Primaries Ends Friday May 25th
After months of uncertainty, the Texas party primaries will finally be held next Tuesday May 29th, which means the time is running down for early voting, which ends this Friday.  The Texas Secretary of State -- the state's top elections official -- is going around the state spreading the w…
DOJ Blocks Texas Voter ID Law
The controversial Texas Voter Identification law, one of Gov. Rick Perry's top priorities during the 2011 Legislature, has been stalled by the U.S. Justice Department, and it may not go into effect in time for next year's elections.