Here's a national news story that is just dripping with irony, but you won't find it in any mainstream news source.

You have to go to an alternative source outside the mainstream to learn that the NAACP and the Justice Department required local and national news reporters to show two kinds of photo ID's just to get in and cover Attorney General Eric Holder's speech at the NAACP national convention in Houston earlier this week.


This is the same Eric Holder who has taken the State of Texas to federal court to overturn the state law that requires voters to show a photo ID to prove that they are who they say they are.

Holder told the convention that a photo ID is nothing more than a modern "poll tax" designed to suppress minority voting, and he will fight it.

NAACP President Ben Jealous agreed, saying they "will never stand by as any state tries to encode discrimination into law."

Whatever you think about Voter ID, we wonder why no national media outlet thought it was worth mentioning the photo ID requirement to cover Holder's speech.  One reporter at Houston's National Public Radio affiliate says he did see the irony, and he wrote it into his story, but his News Director removed it before it could go on the air.