You may have seen your friends on social media posting about destroying their coffee makers recently. We want to know how many East Texans won't be using their Keurigs anytime soon.

Other media outlets, such as USA Today covered the story pretty well, basically explaining that a handful of businesses pulled their ads from the Sean Hannity show because he asked his listeners not to make any snap decisions about the allegations against Roy Moore.


The other side of this coin suggest Keurig should be commended in their decision to no longer fund Hannity's show. We want to know where East Texans stand on this particular issue. Is it just another weird thing happening in the media, or is this a way to show unity against a movement to destroy values?

Is Sean Hannity asking listeners to simply "reserve judgement" seen as defending someone who has allegedly conducted acts of sexual assault on a minor? With so much still in question, should Keurig and other companies done the same by reserving their judgement? Should we as consumers hold back our opinions until everything comes to light. Does it all boil down to "the principal" of the matter?

You can remain anonymous by simply answering our poll as to whether or not you smashed you Keurig or not, or let us know you destroyed the gadget in the comments below. It's up to you. It was your personal property anyway.

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