Pet lovers never say "die", and as a result, they tend to live heartier lives than those of us putting in the OT at the job each week.  It's been well published that cat owners, for example, typically experience lower blood pressure than non-cat owners.  If only I wasn't allergic!

Susan Schinke-Pierce, owner of the "Diboll Alley Cat Sanctuary" resides on the Burke-Diboll boundary, with about 60 other - you guessed it - CATS!  She wuvs here fur balls, but without assistance, the sanctuary is in real danger of closing, and that my friends does not bode well for the inhabitants.

With Susan's health declining, the everyday challenge of caring for the animals is too much to handle, so the call for all able volunteers are desperately needed.  You don't need to make it a career, just one hour per day, or more if you can give it.  You can just imagine the daily tasks that require lots more hands.

Hey, if you got kids or grandchildren, swing by for a pet-a-thon.  That's another way to help.  Call 676-0049, or 829-5204, if you would like to be a cat-taker.