There are hundreds of dogs and cats in East Texas shelters right now, waiting to be moved in to a cozy home like yours.  It's a great time to adopt.  A dog is one Christmas gift that the kids won't get tired of a week after receiving it, and it doesn't need batteries or assembly  So let's go get 'em.  

You can never go wrong with a dog named Biscuit.  And Wendy's Misfits Animal Rescue has a good one of those waiting to be adopted.  Dakota, Max, and Charlie the cat are waiting for a rescue too.  Wendy's Misfits just finished up helping shelter some animals that had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and now they're focusing on getting the rest of the brood into homes just in time for the holidays.

The SPCA of East Texas another good option. They've got dozens of dogs and cats, and they range in age from puppies to older adult dogs.  And they've got all the details listed on their website about how far along the dogs are with house-training, whether they're good with kids, if they get along well with other dogs, and lots more. After you fill out an application, they'll most likely do a home visit to make sure the dogs is in good hands, and  then he or she is all yours.

The Humane Society of Angelina County has dozens of pets waiting too, and if you adopt there you might even see your picture on the website later on, holding your new pet.  If you can't adopt, you might consider donating time or money or dog food, or something else from the wish list of needs.

I adopted a Mini Pinscher-Chihuahua mix two years ago, and she has turned out to be the best lap dog ever.  She's a cuddle bug that loves to play, and she's proof that sometimes these pups just need a new home and a fresh start to really thrive.

So if the kids are asking for a new pet for Christmas, adoption is a great option!  You can avoid the crowds at the mall, and make some animals very happy.

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