Now I've seen some strange trends online, but this one is nearing the top of the list.

Have you heard about the Dinosaur Cats of Instagram? Well, now you have!

Hairless cats are one of the strangest looking creatures to me. I once knew this woman who had a hairless cat named Howard Johnson and she would rub sunblock on its skin or put a cat t-shirt on it when she took it outside for a walk on a leash! I'm not sure how she trained it to walk on a leash but that in itself is a different story for a different time.

While I'm not sure about intentionally removing the fur from a cat is good, it seems as if shaving your cat, yes, shaving your cat to look like a dinosaur is a new thing. Scrolling through Instagram the other day I ran upon quite a few of these cats that have been made to look like the pre-historic creatures that once roamed the Earth. Some cats have spikes, some have had their 'ridges' dyed and some, well honestly, are pretty creatively done.

Check out some of these 'Dinosaur Cats' from Instagram:

My wife can rest comfortably knowing that I will not be doing this to her cats.

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