A man on Texas death row for a drug-related killing in Waco says he wants his appeals to end, and he's asking the state to proceed with his execution.


34 year old Carroll Joe Parr was sentenced to die for robbing and murdering Joel Dominguez in 2003.  Parr has written to state District Judge Matt Johnson of Waco saying he wants to withdraw his appeals.

In the letter, Parr says he wants to end his suffering and he doesn't want to waste taxpayer's money.

This comes a week after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Parr's latest appeal. Parr's lawyer says he hasn't seen the letter, but he sees no reason to object if this is really what Parr wants to do.

If and when Parr's appeals are officially withdrawn, and the case is closed out, the original trial judge will have to set a date for his execution.  That process could and probably will take at least several months.

via Texas death row inmate wants to be executed soon - Houston Chronicle.

It's highly unusual for someone on death row to admit their guilt and ask to be executed.  Most condemned inmates claim they are innocent, and keep their convictions and death sentences tied up in court for years, and in some cases, for decades.