There has to be something in the coffee at the Lufkin VFW Post 1836. I think it must be caffeine.

I've been noticing changes at our VFW in recent months. When the carnival didn't work out last year because of Covid, they made things happen.

Now they seem to be offering even more services for our veterans to enjoy.

Coffee For Free?

Come for the coffee and stay for the comradery. Every Monday - Friday from 8am - Noon coffee is on the house.

Not only that, but they are also throwing in some donuts. This is all for veterans and their spouses, widows, and accompanying caregivers.

Today was the first morning for this, and it seems to be here to stay. I think this is great thing to give our veterans something to look forward to.

Filling The Void

Veterans were getting free coffee and donuts at the VA Clinic Canteen. For some reason that stopped recently, perhaps due to Covid, and now the VFW is stepping up.

I applaud everything they are doing for our veterans at the VFW Post in Lufkin. They have gotten sponsors and started serving dinner nightly to raise funds.

I am amazed at the turn around, and I am sure someone is behind it all. If you know someone that is going above and beyond for our veterans in our community, I would love to know about it.

Donate Yourself. 

You can donate to them directly with PayPal. The post is located at 1800 Ford Chapel Road in Lufkin.

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