Raise your hand if you watch PBS?  Admittedly, I don't have my channel selector focused on public television, but a change is imminent.  Why?  Primarily because Nacogdoches just hit the lottery!

Selected from over 200 nominations across the state, PBS has chosen Nacogdoches as one their featured Texas cities in their Emmy winning documentary called "One Square Mile".  The new series will be entitled "One Square Mile: Texas".

As the title implies, the story line surrounds what it's like to live in Nacogdoches, most specifically how people share their lives and interact with one another, within "One Square Mile".  That being East Pilar to the corner of Martha and East Main, stretching across University Mall on North University Drive to West Starr.

Remember, this a documentary, so don't go looking for tourist attractions, or a chronological history on the oldest Texas city.  Go to this website to learn more.  Filming begins after February 1.

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