The men and women of the City of Lufkin Public Works Department are working around the clock to get water production up and going. They have met and overcome many challenges already to get that done.

Our inevitable soon to be Mayor of Lufkin Mark Hicks with help from the Winston family, procured huge backup generators out of Houston that arrived late last night.  The City of Lufkin Public Works Department and Jarod Murphy were working non stop in freezing temperatures to get things going again. The generators are on site now, and pumping water into the main system holding tanks.

We are still under a boil water notice, if you can get water out of the faucets, that water has not been treated like it usually is. The big question is, when will water come back at full capacity? It might be back sooner than anticipated. If we all work together to conserve water, walk our properties and businesses to find any leaks, it will help. If you can't turn off the water yourself when you find a leak, call 936-+633-0356.  Water could be back to some degree as early as midday today (February 18th 2021).

This water outage scenario happened very quickly in Lufkin, and is being played out in smaller cities and towns all around Texas. Four of the water wells that pump water up into our system went offline due to power failure. They lost power, and backup generators failed. Even at full generator power, some of the locations would be pumping and treating water at a lower capacity.

Broken water mains, and burst pipes at local business and in residential areas might account for the extreme load on the system that occurred all at once. An issue of this magnitude has never happened in Lufkin. This really has been an historical storm.

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