It's not often that we get a winter storm that actually causes snow in the Pineywoods. To be honest we have gone years before with no snow. In 2021, we are on our second snowfall, working up to our third in the next 24 hours. It's dangerous to drive out there, so you are stuck at home.  The kids are bored. Grab one of these regular household items and get them out on the slopes behind your place.

Pineywoods DIY Sleds

After taking some of these pictures, it really got me in the mood to go make a snowman. Then I remembered it was still 11 degrees out. So perhaps a little later after it warms up. Actually the snow looks so perfect I don't want to mess it up. Why are beautiful things always so dangerous?

I was going to title this redneck sled ideas, but I don't think if you are a redneck that you would be out in the snow. Most likely out there pulling a friends truck out of the ditch, or something else awesome. I don't think we have rednecks in the Pineywoods. Just people that work hard, and get things down. So now its just up to me after putting all those pictures in, to go outside and test how all these items work.

I will let you know how that goes, I might not want to get that cold, but I am ready to build a snowman. Then I can sled though it, ouch.

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