I had an aunt that lived in Waco, and I remember going there in the summer. It was a long drive, but the weather was always nice and I have many fond memories of the town.

There is a very special piece of property there at 3300 Austin Avenue called the Cottonland Castle. Local Waco stone contractor, John Tennant, started building the castle in 1890 on what was then the outskirts of town.

It took over 20 years and many different owners to turn the frame into what we see today. The German-style castle is full of imported materials from France, Italy, and Honduras.

Chip And Joanna Gaines 'Fixer Upper' Takes On Waco, Texas Castle

According to an Entertainment Tonight interview Chip had long admired the historical home and had bid on it several times in the past. He finally got in at just the right time in 2019 and paid what I suspect to be between $300,000 and $425,000 for the land and the castle according to property tax records.

The show Fixer Upper: The Castle has only just aired its first episode, but the castle is now complete. We just aren't allowed to see it all before the episodes have aired.

Now that it's complete they are hoping to sell it. They have also mentioned that they won't make it into an Airbnb or anything like that. The property could sell for up to $2,000,000.

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They have such a reverence for the site that they plan to make sure it turns into what it was originally meant to be, a family home. You can watch it all come together on HBO Max, their Magnolia Network, and Discovery Plus.

The first episode is already up, with new episodes coming every Friday. Take a look at some before pictures from an off-market previous listing on Zillow.

See Before "Fixer Upper" Pictures Of This Waco, Texas Castle

You can see the finished project take shape as Chip and Joanna Gains turn this castle into their vision on HBO Max, The Magnolia Network, and Discovery+.

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