Just when I thought I had seen it all online for sale in Lufkin this gem popped up on my screen. There is a boxcar for sale and it could be all yours.

If you went to school at Lufkin Middle School you might have seen this boxcar on the back of the property. It looks like something you would imagine seeing someone train hopping on back in the 1920s.

After a bit of research, I can really tell that this car has that kind of age to it. The only thing missing is your creativity and perhaps a life-sized baby elephant, like in the movie Dumbo.

What Would You Do With This Boxcar In Lufkin, Texas 

I have seen many of these types of boxcars converted into cabins and cottages. There is a bed and breakfast in Jefferson, Texas where you can stay in one for the night.

I could also see this turned into the perfect tiny house. It wouldn't be very portable unless you have a locomotive and a few miles of track laying around, but you get the idea.

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Major transit of goods and services started with trains, and this is a part of Lufkin's history. For the price it looks like they are throwing in the historical interest for free.

How Much Is The Boxcar For Sale In Lufkin, Texas 

The owner of this boxcar must know something we don't about how much it's going to take to get it out of its current resting place.

The boxcar is only $5,000 and you have to figure out your own way to get it home. Let's take a look inside and imagine the possibilities.

Buy This Boxcar In Lufkin, Texas

If you are seriously into trains, you might have need for your very own boxcar. It could be turned into so many different things. I never see items like this for sale, so this could be your chance.

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