Who hasn't heard someone say they can do something better than you blind-folded?  Well, a University of Houston graduate student has done just that, in a manner of speaking, but she didn't need to be blind-folded.



Christine Ha, a graduate student at the University of Houston, has won Season 3 of Fox’s popular reality cooking show MasterChef. Ha beat out Josh Marks, a U.S. Army contract specialist for the title.

Ha is blind, and she's going home with a $250,000 check, a cookbook deal and a shiny trophy.

The Houston Chronicle reports for the finale, Ha and Marks had to create a three course dinner in two hours.  Ha cooked up Thai Papaya and Crab Salad, braised pork belly with kale and a fried egg, and coconut sorbet with a ginger tuile.

Marks went with butter-poached lobster with sweet corn grits, rack of lamb with curry spice and spring vegetables and bacon pecan pie.  He lost.

Never tell a blind person he or she can't do something.  They'll prove you wrong every time.


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