Any guess?  I would think that green bean casserole with the crispy, french fried onions on top would be the favorite Thanksgiving side dish in Texas because it seems to be everywhere, but it's not what most people pick.  (Does anyone know if those things are actually onions?)  Apparently the green bean casserole is common, but not necessarily that popular.

The top Thanksgiving side dish here is actually all carb and no veggie.  Texas doesn't mess around with vitamins!  Here it is.

We're in a section of the country where canned cranberry sauce rules, and we'll pick it easily over the homemade variety.  We'll see that on Thursday I'm sure.  But that's still not it.

Twenty-eight percent of the country eats cornbread at Thanksgiving dinner, but here in Texas it shows up at forty percent of tables.  That's the number one side dish here.  Not cornbread stuffing -- just plain ole cornbread.  With butter and syrup maybe?  If the bar is set at 3500 calories at Thanksgiving, the cornbread is a great tool to help get us there in a hurry.

The green bean casserole is a favorite in the Midwest, and it's mac n' cheese in the Southeast.  All of the above?  Okay, sure.  Why not.

It boils down to what YOUR favorite is, right?  That's why Grandma makes so many sides, casseroles, and pies.  We all have different favorites.  And we end up sampling everything - even the things we're not crazy about just because - and then we have to unbutton the pants and sit there comatose and miserable, watching football.  And then we eat pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hear cornbread pairs well with beer or wine too.

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