There is a big, new, clean, bright, shiny gas station going up in Lufkin. If you drive by the corner of Frank and South Raguet streets you have seen it going up.

Now it looks like they are down to the final details, and they will open up soon. This will be close to downtown, and really the only gas station till you get almost to Loop 287 or Timberland Drive on Frank.

I am a gas snob, and I only use Exxon stations when I can help it. I like their app and their rewards.

Not Convenient 

I don't usually go inside convenience stores because they aren't very convenient for me. I like to get gas outside them like everyone else and pay at the pump and be on my way.

The reason I am pumped about a gas station is twofold. Though I might never go in, it's an Exxon and it's in town. If I do hit a convenience store, that usually means I am out of town.

It seems like we have plenty of gas stations right outside of town, but inside of town is sort of a gas desert. You basically have to be leaving town to get gas at a nice, new gas station.

Fresh Gas Feelings 

I love a fresh, new gas station to get my gas at. A new station means the tanks underground are also new.

The tanks that are put under the ground should last 30-40 years. That's a lot of time for things to build up in the tank.

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Big trucks coming to fill them up over and over could cause some sediment or moisture to form. So yeah, I get pretty fired up about new gas tanks.

If you know more about when the gas station is opening up, you can always message us right from the app, or

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