We all know that San Antonio ranks first in several desirable categories related to tourism, but you may not know that it also ranks first in a dubious and undesirable category. The San Antonio Express-News reports that statistically -- Bexar County ranks first in "road rage accidents."


Between 2007 and 2011, law officers in Bexar County cited road rage as a contributing factor in 680 wrecks that injured 280 people, and killed two people.

Statistically, last year, for every 100,000 licensed drivers in Bexar County, there were 10 accidents police say were the result of road rage. That's more  than twice the rates reported in Harris and Dallas counties, which tied for 2nd place with four incidents each.

Does this mean Bexar County has more angry drivers than any other Texas County?  No it doesn't.  Let's do the math.

Comparing the numbers of licensed drivers in Bexar County and Harris County, and their rates of road rage incidents per 100,000 licensed drivers, we see that Harris County -- with its much larger population and more licensed drivers -- has a lot more angry drivers and road rage incidents and accidents than Bexar County.

Statistically, Bexar County is a much safer place to drive than Harris County.  As Mark Twain famously observed, there are three kinds of lies:  Lies, damned lies, and statistics.