A recent survey of America's commuters has turned up some interesting and surprising facts about America's motorists.  Most of us think of "Road Rage" as a mostly "guy" thing, but this survey says that's not true. You may be surprised -- as we were -- to learn that women drivers are more likely to give in to "Road Rage" and fly off the handle than men.

The Car Connection reports this study surveyed more than  3,800 commuters, all of whom have full-time jobs, and most of whom (83%) drive themselves to work.

You may or may not be shocked to know the study found that America has some very angry drivers.  But you might be surprised to know it also found that women are more prone to road rage than men.  61% of the women commuters surveyed said they have experienced road rage, compared to 56% of men.

Full disclosure:  The study was commissioned by CareerBuilder — an online job search firm that has a vested interest in pointing out the dangers of commuting, since that might encourage more folks to use the CareerBuilder website to look for new jobs.